All That You Need To Know About Shipping A Car From US To Australia

When it comes to the cost of shipping a car from USA to Australia, it gets pretty daunting for people to undergo the procedure as the entire process requires a lot of dealing with paperwork and thorough planning. Since there are a lot of parties involved in order to have the process completed, one shouldn’t wait for the last moment and expect that things will happen on their own. Trust me, you might come across various surprises during the entire course of time which is why we suggest you to be prepared for everything. Let’s find out more about this process.


The first thing that comes in anyone’s mind is the budget or the cost of american car imports in Australia, well, with that, one needs to understand the fact that every situations demands for a different perspective. The price you pay for such a process depends mainly on the size of your car and how you ship them. One should keep in mind that you plan to have you car shipped solo, you will have to bear the cost a lot than on the regular basis. For standard cars, what you should be expecting to pay is around 5000$ to ship your cars, however, make sure that you are keeping in mind other charges such as taxes, fees and duties.


The next thing that should be focused upon when shipping your car from USA to Australia is the fact whether your car is eligible to be transferred to Australia or not. This is important to know because both countries might have different standards for specific cars, hence, the eligibility criteria is important to know and understand. See here for car importers australia.

Clean Car

Once you have been given the approval to proceed further with the shipping, the next things you would need to do is to have your car prepared for shipping. For this, you will have to clean your car properly in order to remove all the biohazards and have the quarantine avoided by the concerned authorities.

Documents and Fees

Next, make sure you have prepared a complete documentation that contains import declaration and along with that, the amount to be paid to customs is also done. You may also contact the concerned authorities for more information before proceeding further.

Hope the above guidelines have helped you in getting through with the process of shipping your car from USA to Australia and also provided you with enough information about all the costs that are associated in undergoing this particular process of transferring your car from one place to another.