Benefits Of Shared Office Spaces

Shared office spaces are very common these days. They are a common feature in many offices now a days. It is estimated that thirty to forty percent of all offices have shared spaces. This is especially common in urban areas. Many steps can be taken for the improvement of shared spaces in offices. Only a few offices do not have any shared space. Eighty to ninety percent of all employees have shared offices. A single office can contain multiple employees. A single office can have as many as twenty workstations in it. This is especially true of call centres and customer support centres. Many customer service centres have large offices that are shared by hundreds of employees in some cases. People prefer to have their private offices. However, this is not possible because of the financial implications involved. Only a small percentage of employees get to have their own private offices. Others have to work in a shared office space. Working in a shared office space in Sydney is not as bad as it seems.

Making the most of shared spaces:

You should make the most of the shared space provided to you in an office. It is not feasible to provide a separate office to every employee in most cases. This is why the need for shared spaces arises. Employers often look to use shared spaces in the best way possible. Working in a shared office space can be a lot of fun. It can be very entertaining for some people. People who have a need to socialise and talk to their colleagues often work in shared office spaces. They prefer to work in shared offices because it allows them to talk to people. They would feel lonely otherwise.

Preference of the employees:

However, people who prefer to work in shared offices are a minority. Most people abhor the thought of a shared office space. It causes them to feel anxious and stresses. They do not like being observed by other people at work. Some people feel that being observed at work affects the performance negatively. Many people crave privacy and solitude at work. This leads to improved performance at work. This is one of the reasons the performance of people in private offices is often higher. Privacy leads to a direct improvement in performance at work.

Concluding the argument:

A shared office space allows many people to work in a limited space. This allows the employer to save rental costs. Rental costs are very high these days. This is why office space is at a premium. You should never hire a big office when you can cramp multiple people in a small one. A shared office space arguably allows greater communication between colleagues. It also improves the coordination between teams. If you are from Waterloo, you can click here to see the shared office space.