What Are Your Rights If You Have Been Arrested For Drug Possession?

Knowing what rights, you can exercise against any charge will be important. Especially if it involves a serious crime such as drug possession and if you are not guilty you will have to prove yourself right. However, if you are guilty you should be aware of all the rights and the defenses that are available to you. You should be able to know how to handle a situation well otherwise you might have to face more problems. Know the defenses available for you to minimize the legal penalties following an arrest for drug possession. Protect and defend yourself from such a situation. If, however, you know that you are guilty of an offense you will be arrested but knowing what your rights will enable you to defend yourself afterwards.

Defending yourself after an arrest.
If the police arrest you for any drug possession they will let you make a phone call. If you know a lawyer call him/her immediately otherwise ask your family or any trusted friends to search for specialist drug lawyers and to hire one. Wait till your lawyer arrives and without creating any mess remain at the police station. If you don’t have any legal knowledge you don’t know what is safe to say so it is wise to keep silent till your lawyer shows up and give you advice. Take your lawyer’s advice into account, he/she is a legal expert therefore, it is better to follow his/her advice. Give every information about the incident for example, when and where you were caught, the drugs you had in possession etc. make sure that you tell your lawyer everything that happened and keep the discussions private. Your lawyer will then recommend the necessary steps that you should take in order to defend yourself.

Consider a public defender.
If you are not in a situation to hire any drug possession lawyers in Sydney, you will have a constitutional right to get a public defender to appear for your case. A public defender is an attorney who is appointed by the courts to appear for cases without charging a fee from their clients. To ask for a public defender you will have to stay till your first court appearance. There, the judge will inquire whether you have a lawyer to represent your case and then whether you would want the court to appoint a public defender.

Requesting a bond from the judge.
You can request a bond from the courts. A bond is that you promise to abide by the state’s law in trade for your release from the prison. However, there are certain factors that will affect the bond such as the severity of the crime you committed. After paying the required amount to the courts you can be released.lawyers-help-service