Why To Choose Toolbox Mel For Buying Toolbox

A toolbox is a box that has all the reliable ad useful tools that we need on daily basis. Be it a home, organisation, a site or any other place, the need of a tool box is present everywhere. Also, it is a need of carpenters, plumbers and electricians. They keep it in the trucks and cars so that they can take the tools which they use everywhere with them. 

Toolbox mel has been making different kinds of tool box for clients for a long period of time. We are based in Australia. We provide our quality services to all the people who come to us. We also offer good prices to them and guide them according to the space and their need. We are selling different products under the roof of toolbox mel which includes decent UTE tool boxes for sale, custom ute canopies, toolboxes for utes and dog cages for utes. 

The Variety:

We have an extensive variety of toolboxes and aluminium trailers Melbourne which urges people to buy from us. Following are the products do we have under the category of toolboxes.


  • Top Opening:


Top opening tool box are open from the top. We can easily place all the things inside the tool box. There are many compartments given in the tool box and we can put all the things at different place. It allows us to manage all the things and it also protects from getting things messed up.


  • Side Opening:


Side opening box is an ideal option. We open the box and all the shelves are visible at once. It is like there is no door to it when the door in open. All the things from top to bottom become visible at once. If the things that we are looking for kept at the bottom, we can easily take it out.


  • Site Box:


Site boxes are ideal for organisations and construction side. They are portable and we can carry them wherever we want at any time. It can be used by many people at a same time. It can be made in any size and shape. People can order with their preference choices.


  • Sliding Tray:


When we have to put sleek items in tool box like hammer, cutter etc., and we want it to be very handy then sliding tray is a recommended option. We can have multiple sliding trays in one tool box. We can easily add and subtract the tray according to our choices.


We also offer our customers to make their boxes customised from us. Though, we have a huge variety that satisfies most of the customers need but if someone want a customised box, we can make for them.